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    Hi, Just posted my latest “Tarot” poem and noticed that there are no tags showing on WP Reader. Before publishing today I added around six tags but still none are showing or on my last two “Tarot” poetry posts either.

    I’ve checked back on other poems, and a tag has been selected for most but not all of them … I never add more than the magic 15. If possible, please could you tell me where I’m going wrong, I can’t figure it out?

    The blog I need help with is



    Your site is a hosted site, not a site. Only tags from sites show up in the tag/topic searches for the reader.


    Thanks for your reply, kind of makes sense.

    Perhaps the WordPress reader has randomly been adding the occasional tags to my blog posts, which goes someway to explaining why it doesn’t happen all of the time, and only sometimes.




    If you are subscribed to a hosted site, you will see those posts in the reader. But the posts will never show up in a tag/topic search. Only sites show up in those searches.


    Thanks for helping me understand how tagging works on the WP reader. Yes, I’m subscribed to a .org site not .com …. the penny has dropped! :)



    Glad I could help!

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