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no text in "edit page" visual mode

  1. When I try to re-edit a published page, the screen opens but there is no text in the edit window. If I toggle to HTML, the text appears with the HTML codes. When I toggle back to Visual, the text appears but with HTML code.

    How do I get the Visual window to appear as before (earlier today)?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have the same problem. Only Html appears, Visual does not.

    Haven't tried the others

  3. I get that quite often using Firefox on a Windows XP system. What system/browser combination are you using?

    I just refresh the page a couple of times and it fixes itself.

  4. I have tried it both one IE and Foxfire and it stays the same. The only thing that happens is that the toolbar finally shows up with a refresh. Not words, blank. I have refreshed a page on both IE and Foxfire again several times. You have something going on that did not act like that before.

  5. I too am having the same problem and today is the first time this has happened. I think it's a widespread issue.

  6. PS I am using Vista

  7. Same experience.No visual editor in IE, neither in Chrome, nor in Firefox. Seems to be a WordPress problem ...

  8. What the heck?! so I'm not the only one having the problem? I ended up deleting my whole novels because of it :(
    I feel so down now I feel to cry.

  9. The thing is i was just about to ask for help too

  10. There are ways to cope; these issues are temporary, as long as you let staff know they're happening:

    There's an error going around right now. Lots of people have reported it in about a half-dozen threads.

    Report your issue to staff directly using Contact Support on the 24/7 Support link at the bottom of the page. And in the meantime, either use an offline blog editor like Blogdesk which always saves a copy of your work, or just wait it out. I always Copy All before hitting "Publish" anyway; saves SO much heartache, because yeah, you have to re-type the title and add categories, but you can just paste in the contents.

  11. jesikakatt at least you can see it in HTML. Tried to rescue it with a save autosave.

  12. Ditto. Only HTML mode is working...
    Wordpress must be working on the application on the backend.

  13. Thanks for the support, everyone! I'm working on not being attached to Visual and aversive to HTML. :-)

    The problem just started late this afternoon so I suspected it might be a WP problem. Tried rebooting the computer etc. with no change so I shall just call it a day.


  14. I have been having that problem too. The Visual mode seems to be messing up. Also I just wrote a post and clicked to Schedule it and my content was deleted. The post has a title but nothing else and there is not any text showing up when I edit.

  15. Support just fixed it.

  16. Fixed; sorry for the trouble, guys.

  17. Thanks! It's all good. :-)

  18. Would be nice to have the solution here. I'm having a very similar problem and would like to see the solution.

  19. Follow up: my blog is hosted on my own site, so support by is not an option for me.

  20. Then none of the solutions to OUR problem would apply to you. The software is quite different and you're in the wrong forum and need to be over at WordPress.ORG instead.

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