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    On some of my Pages and Posts I use banners therefore I find using a title to be a bit redundant.

    However, in what seems to be totally random I have run into a problem of sorts as on those title-less Pages and Posts a title will sometimes appear as “Previous Post” or “Next Post.”

    If anyone has experienced this is there a way to avoid this from happening?

    Site in question…

    Like I said, it is completely random as it does not happen all the time.

    The blog I need help with is




    …and now it has disappeared but where there would normally be a title on the page it was titled “Next Post”


    “previous” and “next” aren’t post titles, they are navigation links so that people can go to the previous or next post. Those links though should not be showing up on “pages” such as the shortstops page.

    This has been tagged to be moved to the themes forum so that staff can look into it. Given that it is happening randomly, it might take a while to track down.



    I understand what the “previous” and “next” navigation links are and where they are used.

    On the pages where I do not want to have a title they are not showing up as “navigation links” but rather they are randomly appearing as actual page titles.

    Simply put, if I create a page without a title it will randomly title itself as “Previous Post” or “Next Post.”



    …and, of course, I appreciate the help, thanks.



    Yes, this had been reported by others as well. Instead of leaving the title field blank, put this in it, minus the spaces:
    & n b s p ;

    That’s the HTML for a space: you’ll see no title but the system will see it as a title and won’t replace it with anything.

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