no transparency in my transparent images

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    Hi, I’ve saved some grapics as GIF files with a transparent background. My goal is to have the colored background of the webpage show through the graphic, rather than the white rectangle background. This transparency works in every program I’ve tried (including Blogger), but it does not work in WordPress. Instead, where I have created transparency, I see all solid black.

    Any suggestions on getting this working in WordPress? Thanks!


    It’s my understanding that does not support transparency at this time. Perhaps in the future.



    Your GIF-files background may be black after uploading. BUT… when you put them into a post the background will be transparent.

    At least here it does. ;-)

    Try it.




    Thanks, folks. I’ll try a full upload and see if it works for me (response 2). If not, I’ll assume that it doesn’t work at all (response 1).



    The black background only shows up in the Media Library. When you use your transparent GIF in a Post, Page or text widget, the background will be transparent.

    If your image has a curved edge, unless you optimize your GIFs for display on your blog’s colored background, they will have a jagged halo around them. For more info, see this page

    (@tsp- :-> )

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