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No Tweets on new posts

  1. I've activated the Twitter option in My Blogs - it worked at first, now it doesn't (box still checked though), and I'm reduced to doing it manually (no biggie - just irritating). I don't schedule my posts, btw.

    Anyone else having the same problem? Or any suggestions? Thanks.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I can't seem to get the twitter activation working (sorry not a help to your problem I don't think). I click the check box, wordpress thinks about it, and then nothing happens.


  3. No tweets nor my dashboard menu at the top of my post

  4. Hover the cursor over My Account (top left) - should display a dropdown menu. If not, try emptying your browser's cache and restarting it.

  5. Twitter seems to be down at the moment

  6. I will "modlook" the thread to grab staffs attention for this thread

    Edit: I see someone else already modlooked the thread. ;-)

  7. t3ck - Nope, Twitter's fine, at least from the user's perspective.

  8. Hmm, I can't get twitter to work I guess I will be doing the cookies and cache dance.

  9. @ronsrealm Done the cookie and cache dance restarted the computer and still can not access Twitter the web page still is down.

  10. Yeah, twitter is down. Usually, people who can still access twitter has had the page already opened before it was down for maintenance or whatever. Can't access tweetdeck either, so I know twitter is down.

  11. Yeah same here can't access brizzly either which is a twitter client Thanks aw1923, for confirming that twitter is down

  12. Twitter's working fine for me but no twitter updates are showing on my blog. It just says "Twitter did not respond. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page." and has been saying that all day.

    I also can't get the twitter publicise option to work.

  13. Twitter seems to work fine for me as well.

    But I also have the "Twitter did not respond" message on my blog

  14. I can't get into Twitter, blogiche or a couple of other sites. Looks like a net problem.

  15. Twitter appears to be having some issues at the moment. When it's back up, your Twitter-related services will be back in action :)

  16. 19.05 - It's working at the moment.

    And so is Twitter - I've just checked it on my spare PC, which has no Twitter cookies - logged in no problem - everything seems to be functional.

  17. Yep, mine's back up again now

  18. Twitter access seems to depend on where you are - I'm OK in NW England, as are friends in the same area, but Switzerland seems to be down.

  19. Here is the message from the twitter client Brizzly about twitter

    Twitter's still having trouble serving their tweets to other clients. So Brizzly may be temporarily unavailable. We'll be back when they're back. Maybe this is a nice time to stretch one's legs?

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