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No uniformity in address gravatar

  1. Um, it's no big deal really. It's just, well, I like things tidy.

    I noticed that on my 5 weblogs, three different kind of web address logos appear. So I deleted the image and reloaded the one that I want, (a teddybear, which actually already had showed up correct in two blogs). I did this procedure in My Public Profile 5 times, to make sure it 'got through' for all of them. But look; a week later, and there are still different favicons displayed:

    Now the blog that I set as Main Blog, shows a standard 'W.' Meaning, 'no image available'. I just don't understand why it doesn't pick up my personal gravatar. Even if 'gravatar' is a big word for an image so micro tiny that one wants to start guessing how many teddybears can dance on a pin head.

  2. I only see the Teddy Bear at and

    The rest do not have their Blavatar uploaded via the Settings section of their Dashboard.

  3. Ohmy, I only uploaded images in the five Public Profile sections, and never thought to go look in Settings...
    I must say that the difference between Gravatar and Blavatar wasn't altogether clear to me.

    I've corrected it, and thanks very much for waking me up. macmanx.

  4. Doesn't help me - WordPress, automatically created a Gravatar profile for me, using the e-mail address, I gave for contact purposes. Why is there no options to provide the link to an EXISTING gravatar???

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