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No upload form for images on write post page

  1. Hello and Help!
    From my 'write page' page, I see a form to upload images and videos...however that form is not available on my 'write post' page.
    My homepage is static, I have a seperate page for posting-could that be a problem?
    Is is a theme specific issue? My theme is rounded.
    I am running XP IE7, I paid for the domain to be hosted here.

    [Removed sig link - drmike]

  2. Turn off McAfee or at least white list * There's a number of threads on teh subject already if you want to search to see more.

    Just for reference, sig links are a ToS violation. I went ahead and removed it for you.

    Hope this helps,

  3. sorry about the sig.......I hadn't put it in my profile and realized that nobody would be able to see my page to help me if they couldn't find it.

    I did search the forum, and tried all the reloading tips I found-but I never saw anything about McAffee. I will try that,thanks.

  4. Nah, I meant searching for 'missing upload form' Just for reference.

    And we're suggesting that you send in a note to Mcafee about the false positive as well.

  5. It isn't McAffee. *sigh* I exited completely out of it and logged out of WP. Logged back in, reloaded page, but the upload form still only appears on my 'write page' page. Guess I will wait until Monday and get in touch with customer service. Thanks.

  6. Upon further reflection and a good deal of time spent--it was McAffee after all. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Not a problem. Glad you got it working :)

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