No upload from Journler possible anymore with new wordpress interface

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    I use JOURNLER with my Mac to write contributions into my blog. Very nice, so I have everything offline available.
    However, with the new wordpress interface I cannot upload from the Journler anymore. “Journler was unable to retrieve categories list” is the error.
    Any advice?



    This is a link to a an offline blog editors review. You will find alternatives for Mac users listed in there


    People are reporting problems with Windows Live Writer as well, so it may be that WordPress made some changes that will require the offline editors to update their programs. Perhaps I’ll modlook this in hopes staff will chime in on the issue.


    Yeah, I am having issues with WLW, but haven’t found a way to fix it yet, or anyone who seems to know what to do to fix it. I suppose a lot of offline writing progs might be running into this.


    I’ll see if I can reproduce the problem. In the mean time, does anyone have the specific error that is being returned?


    I have not been able to reproduce any problems with posting or uploading files at this point. If someone has details on the errors please let us know so that we can track them down.

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