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    I no longer have the option on the bottom of my write page to upload photos help me



    The steps to follow for this are always the same ones. It is very probably a browser cache error and it is very easily cured.
    (1) Force clear your browser
    Windows – ctrl-F5 – IE or FF
    Macs – Cmd-Shift-R – FF
    Linux – F5
    (2) If you use the visual rich text editor then confirm that it’s still turned on
    => Dashboard => Users => Your Profile
    (be sure the checkbox is properly marked and then click “Update Profile”)
    (3) If you still cannot see the upload box then send in a feedback to staff stating your Operating System, Your browser and the version of it that you have.


    visual rich text editor were is that at


    Ok found the visual rich text editor it is turned on. still not seeing upload



    What browser, browser version and OS are you using?

    Can you please confirm that you have javascripts turned on and Flash installed?


    when i open the write page and press ctrl and f5 while it is loading I will see the upload page. Windows XP and javascript yes flash do not know if it is installed were do I get it if not?



    Link. Click on the download now button.

    It should check your version and tell you if you’re up to date or not.


    I do not see the upload on IE or on FF and now when I put the ctrl and f5 it no longer works on either on of them. I have windows xp and I do have flash and java. could someone please help me.



    I’m sorry but I’m afraid you’ll have to send in a feedback.



    Tears, please review this thread and see if the suggestions in that help at all.

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