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    I’m trying to insert an image on my side bar, but there are no URLs to copy in my images so that I can copy it onto my side bar. What can I do to get those URLs back? They were showing up before and now they’re gone.



    Everyone has been noticing the change; it started on Thursday. There are threads in here with some suggestions:



    I don’t get it. Even when I click on FileURL like one of the threads mentions, I don’t get an actual URL displayed. It doesn’t work with PostURL either.

    What about the images I already had in my media library? Where did those URLs go?



    This member had similar issues and there is some workarounds
    that could be helpful for you…



    The URL’s are still there, but I suspect there are some bugs that may be causing the URL problems. I’ve seen it myself intermittently. Sometimes I can get the URL and sometimes I cannot.

    I wish I had a solution for you.

    Contact staff and see what they say, and if you get a response, please post it back here in the forums.


    Actually, I have a temporary solution. If you go to the media library and right-click on the thumbnail-sized image, and then select “copy URL” or “copy link” or whatever your browser says, that will be the URL to the full-sized image.

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