NO way to change font size, color, etc. on free themes?!

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    It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything in my portfolio (been working on a start-up) and so honestly I’ve forgotten how to do a lot of things on Word Press.

    What mystifies me right now is that this free theme I’m using for another blog, doesn’t seem to have any way of formatting text! I cannot see button that allows me to change either the size, style or color of the fonts. Just Bold and Italics and that’s it.

    Is this because of the theme I’m using? It’s a free one, whereas the one for my portfolio: is a premium theme. But shouldn’t being able to change the size and color of your font be basic?

    If it’s not, I need to find another theme. Or are all the free themes this scant?

    The blog I need help with is



    Never mind. I found the second line of tools by clicking the “Kitchen Sink” tool button. Never heard of that term so I didn’t know what it was!



    There is actually a second row in the visual editor, which you can change size of font and colour:



    You can change the color of the font using the visual editor, and the visual editor does allow you to choose different styles for your fonts (headers, paragraph, address, pre, etc.), but not just the size. The different styles (headers, etc.) will appear different in different themes, and they also tell your browser (and search engines) what “level” of text is being displayed.

    You can change the size of fonts using the html editor & the font size tag (older way of doing it, but it still is functional), or the style tag specifying the type of text it is (h1, h2, etc.) and how large it should be, using percentages.

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