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no widgets show in iceburgg theme!

  1. bloggersanjida

    i saved changes again and again after customizing the widgets.
    but no go.
    to take a peek just click

    can anyone help me please?

    many thanks in advance.

  2. Try clear your cache. :)

  3. Have you got a static page at the front of the blog? When I had a look, your home and about me pages were the same. The sidebars only appear on the posts page, not on normal pages.

  4. I guess my suggestion doesn't work.

  5. bloggersanjida

    thanks so much, both of you!

    yes, i had a static page.

    choosing a theme is ALWAYS a blind date. you never know what u r gonna get. i never had this problem b4 in any other theme!

    thanks again!

  6. Glad I could help. I actually have a test blog I try new themes out on; if there are any quirks I can work them out there first.
    Happy blogging. :)

  7. Happy bloggin'! :D

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