No “www” prefix in my domain?

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    I’ve just registered the domain “” and set it up with my WordPress blog. However, when I visit, I’m redirected to just “” with no “www” prefix. This is pretty irritating. How can I fix this?



    WWW is actually a subdomain of the other address, and a significant portion of the world can’t even access www-only addresses. I believe sets things without the W’s for this reason. You could talk to staff, but I’m not aware of anywhere they allow it. It works just fine if you type it in, but your blog will basically always be without it displaying.



    Why is there difficulty of accessing www addresses in some parts of the world? I used to think that every website had a www in front of it (while I realize now every website has http:// in front of it instead)



    I don’t know, I just know that’s what Dr Mike said and he’s usually right about these things. Could be it’s just that some countries block it. It’s somewhat old-fashioned in tech circles.

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