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no XML-RPC in my blog

  1. I want to post blog off-line by zoundry,but it coundn't connect to my blog. I google it out that I should open XML-RPC first。But there's no XML-RPC in my dashboard in settings→writting. So ,what can I do ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. I believe you'll find the information you were looking for here:

  3. thanks!I had done as what written there. But the app-Raven shows me a can't connect error.
    I test in a independent site ,found that the xml-rpc should be enabled in dashboard first ,so that's the question I come to

  4. XML-RPC is enabled by default for blogs. You can find your API endpoint by putting "xmlrpc.php" at the end of your blog URL (as mentioned in the help page airodyssey already posted above).

    If you are certain you are using the correct username and password, you should contact the app developers directly for further help.

  5. thanks!
    Finally I found the problem is my proxy settings are wrong. I can't connect to directly,there needs a proxy,and I get it wrong.
    That's OK now !
    Thanks everyone!

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