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No YouTube with Firefox

  1. Hi! Can anyone help? I've embedded a YouTube clip onto my 'Blog' page on site but it only shows in Safari and not on Firefox- on Mac. Any thoughts? Would it make any difference that we have got a domain ( that re-routes the site?

  2. Can you give a link to the specific post that has the video embedded in it? I can only see one post and that's the Welcome on the front page.


  3. EDIT: This one?

    I see the video using FF on XP.

  4. Me too - Firefox and Vista.

  5. Yes, thanks for your comments, guys: that's good to know. I'm waiting for someone to come back to me with Firefox on a Mac. That's what seems to be the only problem. It doesn't seem to work on Firefox on a Mac and I wondered if anyone had any thoughts... :)

  6. I haven't had any problems uploading YouTube videos to my blog with Firefox. Now, one thing I've encountered recently is a delay of sometimes several hours for the video to appear.

    I have no idea what causes this to happen.

  7. Thanks for suggesting that possibility. It's not that. My wife has now got the YouTube link on Firefox on her Mac but it's still not on mine. However, she's got a different Theme or Skin on her Firefox. I'm wondering if it's something to do with that... : (

    Any more thoughts anyone?

  8. I see the video using Firefox/ with XP

  9. Try clearing your browser cache and cookies. YouTubes sometimes seem to get blocked if your cache is too full. No idea why.

  10. Hi raincoaster

    Thanks for the tip. Clearing the browser cache did it! Brilliant!

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