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Nobody browses anymore. I have no visitors . .

  1. Why doesn't anybody go to unkown sites? Some of them are great. I've not had one visitor, but myself. Not even my friends go to it, and its great! How many of you has this happening to you? Yeah, about half the reader's hands went up, I'm sure. There should be a check it out! section on wordpress where unvisited blogs are posted on the front page, so they can have at least some publicity.
    How many agree and like my idea? Yeah! That's right wordpress! Anybody who wants one, post your answer here. also, post you're unvisited blog here, I'm sure someone will go there. My unvisited blog is: , and it has a movie series I mad off of flash Dvolver, and you follow the order and links. It's a series on the internet! I even tell you how to make them!

  2. Every blog is posted to the dashboard of every other blog every time a post goes up.

    Why don't you do a search of the forum and try some of the suggestions there for increasing readership?

  3. Keep blogging and dont give up hope :P.... Find blogs that interest you and comment on them regularly (people that have the same thoughts/opinions as you), and you might get comments back :D.... Oh and remember, your blog is one of many many millions, (I read somewhere there are about 70ish million blogs throughout the web (not just wordpress)..

    Having low viewers is not so bad if you have a comment or 2, but having lots of viewers and 0 comments is probably worse...


  4. Hi, I've just dropped in (from LiveJournal) and certainly going to leave, mainly because this site offers no 'comment on comment' option, it's just like Blogger at this point. No threads, no disscussion, no fun, no cheers, in my opinion. Pity, I liked this place's interface.

  5. Maybe you should try to ad a photo. Also every time you post in another blog or on this forum put a signature like this.

    Jason Dragon

  6. What's a 'comment on comment' option?

  7. You know Jason, when people leave their name and link in comments, I delete it! It feels too much like marketing/spamming IMHO :) But as far as getting more readers....I've found that using tags which really describe your blog and personality, helps a lot. Like on mine, I frequently use Baltimore, Gay, Orioles (because I love baseball), Aimee Mann (because she's the greatest).....I think you get the point. And through search engines, people of similar interests come to me. And hitting WordPress's tag system, helps too. Several times a day, I hit on the keywords that I use for categories/tags; and see what others are writing.

  8. I regularly look at random blogs using the arrow at the top. Make interesting comments. have good content. What else can you do?

  9. Thanks for the help. I will try some of your ideas. Although, do any of you agree on my idea of a "Unpopular Blogs: Visit them!" or something like that on the front wordpress page?

  10. Oops, forgot:


  11. Hey, if it was all of you guys who viewed my blog (31 times once) how come no comments? And you are supposed to click the links to go to my videos, which only happened twice, on two videos. PLEASE go to the links and follow the right order, which
    i tell you that on the link in THe Order page!

  12. If you link your user name to your blog, there is no need to leave a link to your blog in the comments, which I consider to be spam, by the way, and generally delete.

  13. How do you link it?

  14. I made fist website (blog?) at in 1998. My visitor is maybe 100 each day, oops... 100 each year!

    Now my new blog that setup in middle 2007 ( is having 8,000 - 21,000 hits / day . Traffic 90% from my country Indonesia.

    You still need to learn more, "lad" :)

    Just Blogwalking, learn, watch, drop one comment in interesting post/blog, another blogwalking and .....

    Your visitor need interesting post from you. Intesting can be funny story, popular news, photos, videos ..... Videos? Youtube provide unlimited theme for you.

    May be this my post is good for you:

    GOOGLE FIRST PAGE (popular keyword) = MANY VISITOR

  15. You can use tags that will end up on the global tag page which might help in hits. Or visit other blogs and they'll see your site on their referrals which might make them visit your blog. Or comment on other blogs which might make that blogger and others click your name and visit your blog.

  16. >>>You know Jason, when people leave their name and link in comments, I delete it! It feels too much like marketing/spamming IMHO :)

    Ouch. Do you at least go to the link to see if it relates at all? If everyone did that, no one would ever find out about other posts!

    Look at all the links I allowed in this Comment:

  17. I do that myself, deleting overlinked comments, particularly if they're "Great blog, cheers! Check out mine!" If they link their blog to their username AND leave a link sig I take out the link and lecture them. If they don't link their blog to their username but leave a link sig I leave them an instructional comment on how to link it up.

    If someone is going to leave a link to their blog because it relates to what I posted, I click to see it and if it does, I leave it. I've made some great blog friends that way. But a general blog URL is just spammy and there is NO EXCUSE except ignorance for a blogger to use it on another blog. They should link their blog to their username on the Profile page under "Website" or this place risks turning into an EZboard ripoff.

    My two cents.

  18. Also:

    if someone wants to get more visitors, "Least successful blogs featured" is not exactly enticing, nor is "nobody looks at me" destined to draw admiring glances. How about using the blog promotion threads in the Off Topic forum and commenting around? Then you're coming to people's notice on what you post and comment, not by the fact that you're unsuccessful.

  19. Thanks guys. I still can't get my blog linked to my name . . . it just won't work!

  20. Under your Dashboard, go to Profile and put the URL for your blog in there. The WHOLE thing, right from http. In this case it's:
    Put that under "Website" and save the changes.

    NOTE: no "www."

  21. @ Mikecaine - No I did not go to the link. Didn't need too since he has his username linked to his blog. Hence redundancy and spammy-like behavior IMHO. But my focus was to help the guy who posted this forum :)

  22. raincoaster: That's my problem! I put:!

    Okay, still, nobody has answered the question in the first post, wouldn't it be good to have a section on the home page with rarely or not at all visited blogs?

  23. I think it would be a good idea to have a section with rarely visited blogs. But what makes a blog visited or not visited? 10,000 hits visited? 5,000 hits visited? You would need to make a mark of what makes a blog visited.

  24. sonic30132: Okay, if your blog gets less than 40 views a day, it is unvisited. If it's some where between 200 and 5,000+ a day, it's visited.

    Also, would any of you guys like to join my blog and become like . . . . IDK, viewers?

  25. What are you talking about you have no visitors. There's like a gazillion comments on this page.

  26. Hello, I have written an article about increasing traffic to your blog :

    Hope that would qualify to satisfy you.


  27. I am very new here to WordPress blogging & I will add that I started my blog on March 28th, came on clicked around for a few days, made some posts & saw my visitors hit 45 - Then....they changed the format (which I find easier for a new person, like myself, to use.) Only thing is since that day/night they made the switch I have had zero visitors. So I figure the 45 that did visit found me boring or I just got lost with the new format??

  28. i think leaving a sig in forum with yr blog address worls wonders

  29. Tagging posts effectively, and titling your posts wisely are the best ways to get traffic. you also need to make sure that once you get the visitor there, that you've provided them with something worth their click otherwise they won't come back another time. You also need to invest time in visiting other blogs and commenting, taking part in a blog directory of your choice and building a following. It will grow from there.

    Regarding blog directories, I don't advise trying to do all (or many) of them, because the best way to reap their rewards is to be active somewhere. Unless you're able to spend all your time doing this, it's wise to choose the one you like best and give it your all... develop "friends" there, add to the community and then watch the people you meet there follow you back to your blog. In turn, as they write about you and link to you, others will find you too.

    It's an investment. Unless one comes up with an icanhascheezburger site or unless one takes the spammy, cheater's road, getting blog traffic is an investment of your time and effort.

    Hope that helps. ;-)

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