Nobody browses anymore. I have no visitors . .

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    Under your Dashboard, go to Profile and put the URL for your blog in there. The WHOLE thing, right from http. In this case it’s:
    Put that under “Website” and save the changes.

    NOTE: no “www.”


    @ Mikecaine – No I did not go to the link. Didn’t need too since he has his username linked to his blog. Hence redundancy and spammy-like behavior IMHO. But my focus was to help the guy who posted this forum :)



    raincoaster: That’s my problem! I put:!

    Okay, still, nobody has answered the question in the first post, wouldn’t it be good to have a section on the home page with rarely or not at all visited blogs?



    I think it would be a good idea to have a section with rarely visited blogs. But what makes a blog visited or not visited? 10,000 hits visited? 5,000 hits visited? You would need to make a mark of what makes a blog visited.



    sonic30132: Okay, if your blog gets less than 40 views a day, it is unvisited. If it’s some where between 200 and 5,000+ a day, it’s visited.

    Also, would any of you guys like to join my blog and become like . . . . IDK, viewers?



    What are you talking about you have no visitors. There’s like a gazillion comments on this page.



    Hello, I have written an article about increasing traffic to your blog :

    Hope that would qualify to satisfy you.




    I am very new here to WordPress blogging & I will add that I started my blog on March 28th, came on clicked around for a few days, made some posts & saw my visitors hit 45 – Then….they changed the format (which I find easier for a new person, like myself, to use.) Only thing is since that day/night they made the switch I have had zero visitors. So I figure the 45 that did visit found me boring or I just got lost with the new format??



    i think leaving a sig in forum with yr blog address worls wonders



    Tagging posts effectively, and titling your posts wisely are the best ways to get traffic. you also need to make sure that once you get the visitor there, that you’ve provided them with something worth their click otherwise they won’t come back another time. You also need to invest time in visiting other blogs and commenting, taking part in a blog directory of your choice and building a following. It will grow from there.

    Regarding blog directories, I don’t advise trying to do all (or many) of them, because the best way to reap their rewards is to be active somewhere. Unless you’re able to spend all your time doing this, it’s wise to choose the one you like best and give it your all… develop “friends” there, add to the community and then watch the people you meet there follow you back to your blog. In turn, as they write about you and link to you, others will find you too.

    It’s an investment. Unless one comes up with an icanhascheezburger site or unless one takes the spammy, cheater’s road, getting blog traffic is an investment of your time and effort.

    Hope that helps. ;-)



    Try reverse psychology.
    Don’t look at me!
    Ha ha j/k

    I’m actually pleased that I have a place to post my thoughts and personal video before I die. There’s no hurry to get hits. I intend to be dead a long time.

    Ping =^.^=



    I apologize for the 404 error my article gives. Read this post thoroughly, if you wish to make your blog popular:

    Believe me, with patience and persistence you can achieve what you want! Don’t hesitate to give me feedback




    Thank you, all. Finally! My views hit 35 . . . . once I use these things and information you all gave me, and my views hit at least 100 a week, this topic will be closed.

    Not yet though.


    It will take some time, just stick with it.
    check out my site at



    More tips for you.

    I noticed that your posts are tagged with only “Creator News, Invasion, Series.” One of the great things about WordPress, is their tag referrals. If you tag your posts more aggressively than you are, you will benefit from visitors who browse the tags here.

    You could for example, tag your post with an assortment of different terms that might get you more traffic. I’ve given some ideas below, but check the tags page at WordPress for more ideas.

    Tag Ideas:

    moviemaking, video creation, art, entertainment, video culture, hobbies…

    If no one <I>knows</I> to look for the terms “creator news” or “invasion” then they won’t find you. It’s like if you have a store at the mall and you choose for your signage and window displays, black paint. Then, in the mall directory, you also choose not to let people know what your store is about. It’s likely people will never see what’s inside your store.

    Try some additional tags and see if you don’t get a few new visitors. Remember too, that the first paragraph of your post is what a snippet of will be shown anywhere a search turns up your post as a result, so try make that first few lines inviting!

    Again.. good luck!



    Wow, fracas. Thanks. I definately like that idea. How many tags do you think I should have on each post?

    This topic might just close soon!

    *whispers* (BTW, since the topic is closing soon, go to my site and be members, so I can talk to you guys still later. . . .)



    We talked about how many tags to use a while back, in this thread:

    The suggested maximum was 15, otherwise it might cause problems showing up on the tag referral pages. You don’t have to use that many though. If you had (for example) sex really well chosen ones, that might do the trick. It just depends what your post is about, and where it will fit.

    To have the option for your post to appear on the main WordPress News page, you have to have tagged it with one of the main categories.

    Those are:

    Politics, Science, Entertainment, Sports, Health, Family, Travel, Food, How To, Technology, religion, Business, Cars,

    Keep on at it!



    LOL. I see a typo there. I guess my own blog has gotten to me. I believe that number that comes after five is actually six, not sex… though there are people who might argue the point.




    And the total number of tags and categories together on each post should not be more than twelve. That’s the number staff have said.



    fracas: I liked the typo . . .

    Anyway, so. I finally reached 54 viewers!!!! that left and never came back. So, new question: How do you get them to stick?

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