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Nobody can see my blog

  1. I provided a link to my blog to others, but it didn't work for them. Why is that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Karen,
    Please check your blog visibility (privacy settings) and make sure it's set so it can be viewed
    That should do it. :)

  3. What link exactly did you supply them? IT's possible there was a typo.

  4. I clicked on your name a was sent to a blog that matches your name - is that the right blog? Could be a typo or your friend could have a firewall issue with their computer or a security filter at work.

  5. @auxclass
    Hi there. I also get a blog that matches the username now. Let's wait and see what Karen has to see when she returns to this thread before we make suggestions for solutions, okay?

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