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Nobody can subscribe to my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. What is going on? I was surprised that nobody subscribed to my blog. I just didn't know why but didn't question it. I thought that people aren't interested in my website. But someone told me that she can't subscribed, and she tried several times. She gets a strange email copied below??? What is that???

    Also, I wanted to add one image and it didn't let me. I was informed that I already used it all. ??? BUt I didn't even submit one image!!!

    Why this isn't working? I spent money on choosing different kinds of letters. If I would know that people can't subscribe, I wouldn't go with!
    Subscriptions Details Sent
    Details about how to access your subscriptions have been sent to your email address.

    If you do not receive an email from us then you should check:

    •Spelling - did you enter the right address?
    •Your spam settings - the email may be in your spam folder
    •Your email provider - the email may be blocked
    If you're not sure then re-request the details and we'll send it again.

    Become a user and have your subscriptions available directly in your account.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. But someone told me that she can't subscribed, and she tried several times.

    What exact steps did she take to try to subscribe??

    I wanted to add one image and it didn't let me.

    Same question: what steps did you take to try to add an image?

  3. Try to subscribe, and you will see!

  4. Still, people can't subscribe!!!
    What am I to do??

  5. Logged in users can subscribe to your site just fine -

    Logged out or none WordPress.COM users can't subscribe - they are sent the confirming email but the subscriptions are not able to be confirmed that they want to subscribe - that is also the case on my site - so this seems to be a system wide problem - and would account for an odd email I received about a subscription two days ago - I have flagged this for staff attention.

  6. That's a bummer! Can they fix it! I don't think readers want to be bothered to create an extra account just to subscribe.
    That shouldn't be even the problem. I WANT THAT FIXED! IS IT FIXABLE?

  7. I need followers. For me to become a successful author, I need to build the readership!
    I just can't allow that happen!

  8. Yelling at us unpaid fellow blogger volunteers that are trying to help you will not do any good - I spent some time running tests on your site and my own site - I had to log in and out several times for the tests - I noted the results above and have flagged this thread for staff attention -

    I expect that the staff will fix the problem, however I have no inside information about the when -

  9. I'm not yelling at you. I want to get the attention of the people who manage WORDPRESS.
    I have paid for updates. But bloggers can't even subscribe to my blog.

  10. When did you report the problem?


    8:43am Pacific time

  12. as noted above 8:43 am


  13. That's your opinion. My problem still isn't fixed. I lost so many followers throught the last three months. For me, it's devastating.

  14. Support staff are away until Monday, December 12. You can reach them directly here:

    If (if) it is a WP wide problem, as auxclass wrote, then volunteers cannot help. But whether or not the problem is isolated or system wide, it'll be fixed.

    In the meantime you could try leaving a note in your sidebar, or as a sticky post, letting people know that if they want to follow your blog they should send you an email directly. Let them know that you'll email them back when the problem is fixed.

    In the meantime, your RSS feed -- which people can subscribe to -- is

  15. That's your opinion

    Not really it is the opinion of THE ENTIRE WEB EXCEPT FOR YOU.

  16. You should practice what you preach. :)

  17. Thank you Johny! I didn't know that staff isn't working on weekends.

  18. I agree, everybody who uses the web for any kind of communication will cringe at having to read all caps, it is like a slap. (important info for an author to realize)

    @alabno, everybody here understands your feelings of frustration and panic--our blogs are important to us too. But the regular forum answerers like timethief and auxclass who put immeasurable hours into helping out people like you and me who aren't as experienced with wordpress deserve a large helping of politeness and gratitude. They are not paid to help us out and they are not "Wordpress", they are just very knowledgable about WordPress. When they put out time, research, and thought to help us they are understandably upset if they are yelled at (and not thanked.)

  19. ingridcc,

    I wasn't yelling at them. I just wanted to get the attention of the people who do manage these accounts.
    I was afraid that my topic will get lost with the others. That is why I put so many exclamation marks in the title. I'm not yelling--I was just looking for attention to this problem.

  20. ingridcc,

    Why did you come to this discussion if you're not helping with the topic.

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