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    I have a self hosted WP blog ( )…

    I do not have an API in the user panel. I need it in order to run plugins and link to Youtube and i think i need it for FB…

    Why don’t i have it and how do i get it?

    All help will be greatly appreciated.

    BTW – i did go to WP and sign up for an account. I got an API there, but it is not connected to my self hosted blog in any way so i don’t think that is going to help me…



    Your account here at wordpress.COM has the API key. Go to users > your profile and it will be toward the top.

    The API key you get here is ONLY for use with the Akismet and blog stats plugin. It will not work for anything else.

    API keys needed for other things have to come from where those other things are offered.


    Thanks, I seem to have gotten that taken care of.

    Youtube asks for the API URL (http://your blog’s URL/xmlrpc.php).

    Do you know what that is?


    I’m not really sure. Since you are self-hosted, you need to inquire over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ which is where self-hosted blogs are supported. Things here work differently.

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