Non-existent refund even though I canceled with 48hours.

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    Hi, Early January I paid WP directly and then realized I should use WP in GoDaddy because they have all my domains and other stuff. I submitted a cancel order with 48 hours and my account said REFUND was initiated. 45 days later with no refund I go back to my WP and see that the word “REFUND” is gone from my account and now there is an auto renew in place. I need my refund. I played by the rules. As a matter of fact I went to chat support and read this: Chat support contacted 2/18/18 10:45PST; Here is the copied chat:

    Hi …How may I help you?
    Hi, I canceled my wordpress subscription with in 48 hours but when i went back in to my account information WP had autorenewed and where it stated “Refund intiated” no longer existed. I am going to use WP on Godaddy instead.

    Billed To

    (email redacted)

    January 02, 2018

    Order Summary
    Receipt ID: [redacted by mod]
    Transaction ID: [redacted by mod]
    Subscription Price Premium
    (Expires: January 2, 2019)* $96.00
    Total $96.00

    *This product will auto-renew, but you can update your renewal settings any time.
    I would like to get my refund…
    Did I do something incorrect. Because it my account did say that a refund was started??
    Moses has joined the chat!
    Hi Moses
    Moses yes
    Moses Can You give us Your Site Username and Password please ?
    Since I only used this for a few hours…where can I find my username… I have the password
    Moses refunded amount withing 7 or 10 days
    ambianceestatesales here is the user name
    can I please get a e-mail confirmation to (email redacted)?
    Moses thank you
    Can you send me a cancel confirmation to (email redacted)?
    Moses already refunded amount in your account please wait 10 days
    1 minute ago
    Moses is typing…


    This is unfair!!!!

    Please send me a refund or comment why, even I played by the rules you are keeping my money?????

    The blog I need help with is


    A staff member is required for billing issues so I have added the modlook tag to ask staff to assist you (and remove your personal info). Please be patient as it is the weekend and fewer staff members are available.


    Hey there,

    I checked your account and it appears that no cancellation and refund was initiated. Therefore, I have canceled your subscription for Premium and refunded the charges back to you. It can take between 7-10 business days for the refund to reflect on your bank statement.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Take care,


    Thank you very much. I should have take a screen shot.




    Hi Dave –

    It’s our pleasure to help. Write back if you have any trouble.


    I plan to use WordPress for our new website and auction service. I am looking at the advantages and disadvantages of using WP on their home site or on Godaddy. Godaddy current hold all my domain, email, email blast list and other items. I have a two professionals i am working with. Thanks so much for the support.


    If you run in to any other questions you can come back and post here. The update will find it’s way to me.

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