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    I don’t understand this but, are the non free themes sold on this site not for the free accounts of the and only suitable for the accounts?

    The blog I need help with is




    No, the premium themes sold here at wordpress.COM are for sites. They are modified to work here and will actually not work on a self-hosted wordpress.ORG site.


    Oh good,
    the other question I have is this:
    one of the theme sold on here in the description says that one can set it to use 3 columns of text layout when used with genesis framework, so if I buy and install both the framework and this theme sold here can I achieve 3 coulmns of text like a magaize?


    You have to read the descriptions at . Whatever it says there can be done with a particular theme can be done without the addition of anything else.


    by the description you mean the details? I clicked on the details link and it came out with many tags one of them is three-columns , does this means I can create 3 columns text in the same blog? or it means I can create the look of 3 columns by using two side bars and one main window with text?


    Maybe I am not making myself too clear.
    when I say three columns I mean that the text I am writing in a blog flows into the three columns. I just activate a theme called twenty eight thirteen, it claims to have 3 columns in its features, I wrote a test blog and I just cannot see how to make the 3 columns, how do you do that?
    if I am going to spend 80 dollars for the minimum theme sold on here that also claim to have 3 columns and then will not be able to achieve that, I will be very upset.



    Themes are above my paygrade – but there is a 30 day refund policy on Premium Themes so even if a theme won’t quite do what you want you can get your money back.



    When it says a theme is three column usually it means the main content column and two sidebars. The ONLY theme I know of that has three columns of text is the free DePoMasthead theme.


    thanks, that’s what I though.
    and even in that case I think the DePo M has 3 columns of text but only on the first page and they are not related, 3 text boxes for 3 different blogs, am I correct? the text deosnt flow from one column to the next (?)


    There are NO themes where the text flows from column to column, free or otherwise. Not even any for self-hosted sites that I have run across. That is seriously difficult to do on the web. The web isn’t a page layout program, or a word processing program.



    I would like a refund on my premium upgrade, i would like to keep my domain name that i created and cancel the rest. please refund my money



    You’ll have to ask for the refund on the Store page. Posting in the forum won’t work.



    Where’s that? I’m getting fed up with this site I have looked everywhere! Why don’t they have a support line? A phone number or something!



    did you find it? The store page is located on the left hand side of your dashboard.



    It’s the page you went to to buy the upgrade in the first place.

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