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    When I select indentation the entire indented text appears italicized. This doesn’t work very well if I have words within the block that are italicized. The whole thing is italicized and the specifically italicized words don’t show up.

    In order to have the text appear the way I want it to, I have to get rid of the indentation.

    Is this just the way “Cutline” works, and if I switch to another presentation I won’t have this problem, or is there a way to indent text and leave it in plain font, with specifically selected italicized words?



    This is just the way Cutline works. Have you tried selecting the blockquoted text and hitting the italics button, to see if that un-does it? If that doesn’t work, you may have to change themes.



    Thanks. Yes, I tried “un-italicizing” the blockquoted text. I’ll try another workaround, italicizing my introductory comments, which are shorter, instead. Thanks for the response.

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