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    I have a question on commenting to blogs. I’ve had people who are not members of wordpress and don’t blog in any form, want to comment on my blog here at wordpress. They are telling me they can’t comment unless they become a member. Is there anyway for me to fix this in my settings so they can comment without becoming a member? Thanks, Lori

    The blog I need help with is



    Please see here for who can comment

    You can allow only registered users to comment, or you can allow anyone to comment. If you allow anyone to comment, you can choose whether the name and email fields are required or not.

    See also >
    More here >



    I went to both those links and I apologize, but I’m confused. I have the box checked in my discussion settings that says: “comment authors must fill out name and email.” I do NOT have the box checked that says: “users must be registered and logged in to comment.” Yet, I’ve had non-members of WordPress tell me they have to register to comment.

    I don’t have the “must be registered” box checked. Do I need to uncheck the one with email and name too? If it requires a commenter to register an account, then they won’t comment. Thanks for bearing with me.


    @loridr – some changes were made recently so that anyone with a wordpress or gravatar account has to log in. A lot of bloggers have gravatar accounts so that their image and profile can show up in comments in other blogs. If someone who’s trying to comment in your blog has or even once had but not longer uses, a gravatar or wordpress account then it will be linked to the associated email address. They can either log in via the account – or reset the password if they’ve lost it, and Timethief’s second link gives that information, I’ll give it again so you’ll know which one I mean:

    Or an alternative (but then the commenter won’t be able to receive comment notifications) is ask your commenters to add an x or some other character to their email address so that it’s not recognised as one attached to a gravatar or account.

    You can change ‘leave a reply’ message (or whatever it is for your theme) near the bottom of the discussions settings on your dashboard, so that people will know what to do, if that helps. (It probably doesn’t but it’s just one way to inform people.

    All this is a pain, and I sympathise – most of us here in the forum answering questions are just volunteers and we can’t change any of this, only staff can and they won’t!



    Thanks for taking the time to share this info with me. I know there have been a lot of complaints about changes. I’m not crazy about the topics page change either, but at least I understand how it works. I’ll see if I can work out this commenter issue with your info here. If not, I may be back. :-P Thanks again.


    You’re welcome.

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