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    I am posting a story sent to me, which does have sexual descriptions, but is not pornography. I can’t find the list I selected in the beginning which states who can read: I had selected general, open to anyone, and I’d like to change that.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there. I think you’re thinking about your Gravatar image rating. That only determines whether or not your Gravatar image appears on not. It does not determine who can or can’t read your content.

    There is no way on to prevent certain groups of people, in this case minors, from reading your content. Bloggers who publish mature content are supposed to report their own blogs as mature, which prevents the blog from appearing in topic listings in the Reader, but anyone with a link to the blog can still read it. You can see the guidelines regarding mature content here:

    And instructions to report a blog, including your own, here:

    If this is a once-off thing, perhaps put a message at the top stating that the following post is intended for mature audiences, and then use the Read More tag to hide the actual content from the front page.

    Please ask if there’s anything else regarding this. If you’d prefer to get feedback specifically from a staff member, add “modlook” in the tags area to the right and one of them will respond to this thread.



    Please see what Staff have said here:

    Before posting mature content, please read the guidelines ——– linked to about Mature Content. As mentioned there, blogs that contain mature content must be marked Mature (which applies to the whole blog, not individual posts).

    There is no mature content warning notice page provided here. If you intend to post more than a single mature content post you create a static front page and post one of your own making on it if you want to.



    Thanks, folks,

    I think I got it. I am following kokkieh’s suggestion since it’s only a one-time occurrence.


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