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Non-profit educational site with non-cash sponsor...

  1. I am a non-profit and have a non-cash sponsor for my site.They will provide me with gifts that I can offer to guest interviews. Can I display a link to their logo and link to their site on the bottom of my web page?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What sort of gifts are you talking about? Sponsored posts do not comply with the Terms of Service.

  3. Please provide a bit more explanation about what you are planning. As a volunteer, I cannot make a determination, but I'll tag this thread for staff. If you subscribe, then you'll be notified when they respond.

  4. I offer a public access cable tv show entitled, "On Your Computer with Kevin Gleason" where I provide a short tutorial and then have two guest segments within the 30 minute show. Sometimes these guests represent user groups and sometimes not. A commercial provider of technical training has offered to give me numerous 1 week trial subscriptions to their service to use as thank you gifts for those who appear on the show. Their only request is that I display a logo with a link to their website.
    No money is being exchanged here, the week long trial subscriptions offer full use of the site without an obligation to sign up for contract, when the subscription expires it ends. These are truly thank you gifts that can be re-gifted if the recipient cannot use it. Win-Win.

    The show is operated as a labor of love by member associated with the show is paid. This appears like the sponsors of public television. Does this violate the use of this site?

  5. As I said, I'm a volunteer so have no part in determining TOS compliance.

    Staff will see the modlook tag and will respond; but it's the weekend so you will need patience while they work through all the tickets ahead of yours.

    Thank you for the details. That will speed things up when they get here.

    IMO it sounds like it should be okay, but I'm not the final arbitrator.

  6. That sounds okay :)

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  7. How do I embed a graphic and a link on Can you point me to the appropriate help tutorial?

  8. @gmkevin
    Use a text widget to show a link to your sponsors:

    The easiest way to do this with the visual editor is to make a draft post where you type in the name of your sponsor, highlight that name, then use the visual editor to make a link. Switch to the text (code / html) editor. Copy the code in your draft. Then paste that into a text widget. Add the text widget to your sidebar.

  9. Also, bookmark this thread, especially kardotim's response in case there is a future problem about the validity of your use:

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