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Non - Responsive Post Like Button

  1. revoltastateofzen

    Post Likes on attachment pages - Problem start date 19th Feb 2013.
    By default post likes are not displayed on my sites homepage, however media attachment pages have always retained a functional post like button. Please take a visit to my site and open my attachment page by clicking on an image there you will see the problem "Post Like Button Loading" checked this via my browser web developer the post like wiget ID is listed as "Jetpack - likes.css:3" on media attachment pages... Any ideas please on how to resolve this problem, its really quite putting me of my art !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. revoltastateofzen

    Problem elevation - Fault detected date 22nd Feb 2013
    Effected area - Dashboard...
    Compleat loss of all widgets within the dashboard main section screen shot available, however there does seem to be a way around this and the fault seems to depend on how you access the dashboard area and I don't seem to be able to replicate that problem again, just reviewing the screen shot information - "Browser Bar Address and tab information Dashboard - Global Dashboard"...
    Present status of site problems still un-resolved

  3. revoltastateofzen

    Oooops sorry about that, you really need a comment edit feature on here and that was a genuine mistake inserting the whole browser address within that comment, who needs a screen shot now !

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