Non – Responsive Post Like Button And Dashboard

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    May have posted in the wrong area of the forum re – posting here…

    Post Likes on attachment pages and pages – Problem start date 19th Feb 2013.
    By default post likes are not displayed on my sites homepage however media attachment pages have always retained a functional post like button. Please take a visit to my site and open my attachment page by clicking on an image there you will see the problem “Post Like Button Loading” checked this via my browser web developer the post like widget ID is listed as “Jetpack – likes.css:3” on media attachment pages…

    Problem Two
    Problem elevation – Fault detected date 22nd Feb 2013
    Effected area – Dashboard…
    Compleat loss of all widgets within the dashboard main section screen shot available, however there does seem to be a way around this and the fault seems to depend on how you access the dashboard area and I don’t seem to be able to replicate that problem again – Viewing the browser information from my screen shot the address bar of the dashboard area at that time was secure admin user index php, the browser tab indicated Global Dashboard.

    Hope I have now found the right forum area for assistance status of my site still not resolved

    The blog I need help with is



    Problem 1: I’m not sure what the problem is. You listed that Likes should not be visible on your homepage, which is correct at and that likes should be visible on the attachment pages, which is also correct at What in particular are you having trouble with?

    Problem 2: Global Dashboard is not your blog’s Dashboard. Your blog’s Dashboard is


    Many thank’s, macmanx for getting back to me the attachment page post like button seems now to be resolved and the forum comment can now be updated. The dashboard issue is interesting and there are ways around that, it was just unexpected to arrive at that area, so was considered an issue of interest for engineers… Many thanks to site issue now resolved.



    How exactly were you attempting to access your Dashboard that you wound up in the global Dashboard?


    Originally this glitch appeared from the reader – My blogs – blog admin to dashboard and the (Global php) address showed up however this has happened again this time via read blog – return to dashboard using top left drop down from the WordPress bar and the interesting thing about the global dashboard was the browser address, this time non php – escape used to exit top right hand drop down then selected dashboard – normal dashboard showing.

    I did bookmark the global dashboard for reference and have access to that area once loged in to WordPress. So there seems a few loose ends to tie up there ?



    One more thing to check, is your blog listed here ?

    If so, choose Make Visible.

    If not, please let me know. :)


    I checked that link whilst logged out and it goes to the Global Dashboard secure login – no don’t use that way to get in. My dashboard address ends with wp-admin/ and it seems to be a little bit unstable at the moment – a recurrence of global dashboard but this time with no escape method, had to back out using my browser to return to the reader – used another method to access dashboard via stats worked ok


    Are sorry silly me just checked that link whilst logged in yes listed their so will adjust setting to make visible !



    Perfect, that should actually fix the problem. :)


    Yes that’s done the trick, thank you.



    You’re welcome!

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