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    Hi everyone,

    In my blog’s dashboard I can choose to customize my fonts by going to Appearance->Custom Design -> Fonts. I can then change fonts and preview how they would look on my blog (I haven’t paid for the blog customization feature yet).

    Many of the fonts look great – Liberation Sans, Droid Sans, Proxima Nova, etc. However, I see that none of these fonts are installed by default on Windows 7. For reference see: for Windows 7 and for Office 2007.

    My question is how will my blog’s visitors be able to see the custom fonts I choose if these fonts are not already installed on their computers? I don’t want to choose these customized fonts only for my visitors to see generic ‘serif’ or ‘sans serif’ when they view my blog.

    Thank you!


    The fonts are served off the web to the visitor’s browser so the font doesn’t have to be installed on the visitor’s computer.



    That’s pretty convenient! Can you verify if this works across all browsers and operating systems?

    Is it possible that tight browser security settings or add-on (such as NoScript) could block this auto-downloading of non-standard fonts? Anyone ever heard of this? Thanks again.


    This page shows what browser and OS’s Typekit supports:

    Security or add-ons always have the possibility to block anything on any website, but those things aren’t designed to block fonts like Typekit so they should work for most people who are visiting your site in order to read content (and who might actually care about how the fonts look).



    Awesome, thanks guys!


    I will note that I’ve not been able to see any custom fonts on blogs in Firefox 9.0.1. I see them all fine in Safari, but not in FF 9 even with all add-ons disabled. There is something wrong with FF 9.


    I tested Firefox 9.0.1 and custom fonts and they work for me. Note that they do take a little longer to change over sometimes compared to others.

    @thesacredpath, have custom fonts on FF 9 never ever worked for you?

    Is anyone else having trouble viewing fonts in Firefox 9.0.1?


    I was working with a couple people in another thread last night and none of us could see the typekit fonts in FF 9 on either of the blogs, no matter if we cleared our cache or turned off all the add-ons. Nothing worked.


    Here was the thread: .

    The one site is set back to private now, so I can’t look, but on @be… ‘s site, neither of us could get the typekit fonts to show in FF 9. In Safari they popped right up.


    Hrm. I’m trying to test it and see what I can find. I can’t seem to reproduce the problem myself. :-\

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