Nonbreaking spaces and line breaks in Chateau

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    Any ideas on how to manage nonbreaking spaces and line breaks in the site title and tagline of a Chateau-themed site? And remove the search box?

    See the nasty break in:

    The blog I need help with is



    Do you have the Custom Design upgrade?


    Indeed. As in access to the CSS stylesheet.




    You’re welcome, but if you have the upgrade you need to post in the CSS forum.


    I will do that but I did not see this as a CSS issue since there is other support information related to managing text unrelated to CSS. No matter. T.



    “Other support information related to managing text” may refer to text in the content of posts or static pages, or sometimes to a theme option such as changing the color of the blog title or the link color. What you’re looking for is neither of the two, and can only be done via CSS editing.


    Case closed. Here. Thanks…T.

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