None of my posts from Avon site showing up in the reader

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    Hi all
    This is one of the 3 sites I have- <<Avon Lady Flo>. I am struggling to get my posts to show in the reader from this site. I have added tags, and tried inserting hashtags but nothing. I noticed someone had hashtags in their post because I searched the tag “Avon” and their post popped up but mine didn’t even though I have “Avon” in mine. How come mine isn’t working for any of my posts? I searched “Summer 2018” , “Shop Avon Summer” ( title of post) still nothing? It doesn’t make sense because I am following all my sites and I always show up in my reader for my main site so why not this one?

    Thanks in advance

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    This is happening because you’re using more than 15 tags in those posts. Please reduce the number of tags and your posts will start appearing in the Reader again.

    You can read more about it here:


    Hi there
    I did what you said. I reduced the tags and made them more relevant. I even amended the post because I discovered my previous blog post wasn’t showing up for some reason. Still nothing..? I don’t understand what’s going on. It shouldn’t be this difficult. My other non business site is doing fine but this site I created solely to promote my business by making posts seems to be an impossible task because I can’t even get the tags right. ..?!


    None of the tags I’ve used come up with the post, even specific tags like, “block heel sandals” what the hell? HELP PLEASE



    Your post at still has 15 tags and one category, making it 16 in total. If you use more that 15 categories and tags combined your posts will not appear in tag search. The 15 is also a limit, not a target – the fewer tags and categories you use, the better, so keep it to only the most relevant tags for the content of the specific post.

    Posts that were already previously blocked will not start showing up when you reduce the tags, but new posts will start showing in tag search again, provided you don’t publish them with too many tags and categories. This will also not be immediate, but might only happen once you’ve published a few new posts to allow the Reader software to detect that you’re no longer using too many tags.


    Ohhh….thanks Kokkieh =P. Sorry panicked a bit there. My post is finally showing because some people liked it…just some tags are still not working but thanks for the information. I will apply it and aim for just 5 key tags. If any more questions I’ll come on here thanks so much xx



    You’re welcome and know that we’re always here for you!


    Hello guys
    Hope you’re good. It’s another case of trying to figure out why posts are not showing up under tags I’m afraid. I recently noticed in this post in my personal non-Avon site <<>&gt;

    that when I search the most specific tag, “mass shootings” the post doesn’t appear whatsoever. I only used 8 tags in this post. Is that still too many? I noticed the posts that appear in my reader have a maximum 3 tags. Also some of them don’t even contain the searched tags?

    With this post – <<>&gt; NONE of the tags I used bring up the post? So where is it? I’m guessing it wasn’t in the listings.

    I think this might explain why I have no views on some posts and maybe low interactions. They’re obviously not appearing in the reader. Besides using “too many” tags, is there any thing else I’m doing wrong for my posts to not show?



    I want to be informed so that when I post in the future I know what to do so I can actually appear in the listings. Thanks a lot xx


    Staff is set to private, so it will not be listed anywhere in the Reader. Sites that are set as private or hidden from search engines do not appear in tag listings, recommended posts/sites, or Search in the Reader. It looks like you set that site to private early in June.

    You can change this at My Site ->Settings ->Privacy.


    Thanks for letting me know. I’ve changed it to hidden. Will it still show up in wordpress reader? I just assumed making it private still allows it to be visible in the wordpress environment and not somewhere else like google, Bing or yahoo search, as it has a lot of personal stories I’d like to restrict to just other WordPress users.



    Oops I just read your reply again! Ignore the previous message


    I just want more people to see my posts, so if it’s hidden, where does the blog post go after its published and who sees the post besides myself?



    If your site is set to hidden, anyone can still access it, but search engines can’t discover it, and it won’t be featured anywhere in the Reader.

    So the only people who will see new posts are people who are already following the site in the Reader or via email, or people with whom you directly share a link to the site.

    However, there is no way to restrict your site to only users. It’s either invitation-only, by setting it private, or anyone with an internet connection can access it. In the latter case, all you can do it make it less discoverable by making it hidden rather than completely public.


    I have another question. I was wondering if my site pages were showing in the reader?
    like this one



    Hi goingthroughmyjourney,

    The Reader will only display posts from your site, not static pages :)

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