None of the themes are working for me correctly

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    Help, I changed the theme of my blog and now it looks like all of the CSS are messed up in some way. I have changed across several themes and none seem to work correctly even if I have not made any changes to CSS to start with.
    Also, it appears that it takes a very long time for images and pages to load.
    I’m using Firefox as the browser and I did not have any problems until today. I have also used a completely different system to see if that might be the problem but, it made no difference.
    my blog:



    Yup, doesn’t look right at all. Someone will be along to help though, not sure if you used a CSS made by someone else but that doesn’t look right.



    You will have to restore the original CSS, which I will try to explain from memory.
    (side note: GOD I wish the search function returned more entries. NONE of what I got with “restore original CSS” was useful)

    Take the CSS that you had before, that was working. I hope you saved it somewhere. Now, go to the Edit CSS page and erase everything that was there and replace it with that. Then hit “Start from scratch and just use this”.

    I know there’s a better answer, but with the search form only returning 10 irrelevant entries, this is all I can do. Sorry.



    I’m not clear on this. Do you have the CSS upgrade? And had you made any CSS changes before changing themes?

    If the answer is no, then you need to contact staff for a back end fix using the Support button that is normally available on your Dashboard Monday-Friday

    If the answer is yes, delete all the CSS out of the CSS editor (save it in a text file on your computer before doing so). Select “Add to existing stylesheet” and click “Save Changes”. This will take your theme back to its original state without any CSS changes. You can then choose whatever theme you like in the options available.

    Edit: I added the tags “restore” and “original” to this thread for Rain :-)



    Thank you! I don’t know why the search function is not working as well as it used to, but it’s crap lately and I am lost without a functioning search function.



    The CSS upgrade is the culprit.



    Thanks All!

    I basically reset the CSS by getting the old (from WordPress starting point) one removed what was there, pasted the old one in reset the theme, and in the CSS editing selected the add to what is there radio button. I think what I did before was accidentally had the ‘start from scratch’ radio button selected and this is what caused the problem.

    Again thanks to all of you for the help!

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