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    Since yesterday night, I am not able to view any of the sites. Even the main site is not loading properly. I mean, i get the sites but without any images and totally unformatted. Is it a worpdress issue or my ISP. I am based in India.

    Thanks in advance.


    Stats crashing, upload crashing (both), slow opening, errors…I mean what’s wrong with wp today?


    And I almost forg…whats wrong with aksimet? I have prombl with spam comments last 5 days


    Even the main site is not loading properly.

    Works for me.


    I have the same problem. I’m in India too.


    I have the same problem as well. In fact all gravatar images are also not displaying. This problem has been there for the last 5 days!!!



    Is everyone with the problem in India? If so, the problem is almost certainly with your internet service provider. Same thing happened to Ireland earlier this year. Call them and have them sort it out.


    It is not an issue with the ISP. It has to do something with the servers of IMGUR.



    Same problem – located in India.



    No, it’s an issue with your ISP blocking’s image servers. Exactly the same thing has happened with Ireland and parts of California within the last year.



    Hey it’s Independence day in India. Means a huge flow on internet which may have jam or slowed down the internet. This can be the problem.


    @People Who are facing this problem: Are you using Airtel?

    @hnsaifi: Independence day is today and we are facing this problem for last 5 days.



    So if you people can access wordpress using
    (Type the url in the box at the bottom.)


    We can access it but it is not displayed properly


    @hnsaifi: yes it is displayed correctly if i go through


    Yes, I am facing the same problem as described by Siddharthrout for the last 4-5 days. I am based in India too – and yes, I use Airtel too!


    I guess in that case raincoaster is right. It could be an Airtel issue. Let me send them an email today. If you guys have airtel as ISP then I would request you to mail them as well. That would expedite the resolution.



    Yes Raincoaster is right.



    Hi all,
    There was an issue
    I am guessing it may have been resolved by now for I got Airtel a few days back that works good. Incidentally, when I reached home the same evening after checking at store before buying Airtel, I noticed that the photon (Tata) too was working fine!
    Please do notify if anymore of this is still happening here (email redacted)



    the email where one needs to notify is here bloggers[dot]forum[dot]india[at]gmail[dot]com

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