Noob here – don’t know what I’m doing lol

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    I literally just started on WordPress because I here from so many friends how cool it is.
    So far, I’m impressed with how easy it is to just set up and go, and find certain links in creating my perfect blog, etc blah blah blah.

    However, a few things:
    #1 – I realize I can export my Blogger blogs to WordPress, but how exactly? And what do I do about the pictures I used? I assume I will have to save them separately and then upload them once my blogs are exported to WP correct?

    #2 – on my main page, at the top under all things urbanlovely, I have this “header” stating “Just another WordPress blog” and to the right of that, “Hey there welcome, something about RSS feeds”. How can I change the text in those areas and where do I find those fields?

    #3 – my “avatar” or thumbnail beside All Things, is either not showing, or not very clear…how can I adjust those settings?

    The blog I need help with is


    You can import a Blogger blog into a blog from the Tools > Import page. Images that were saved at Blogger should be imported too.

    You can edit the blog title and tag line from the main settings page in the admin pages.

    The text that starts with “Hey there! Thanks for dropping by” is a default text widget in the Motion theme. You can change that to something else by adding a widget to the Header widget area in the Appearance > Widgets page in your blog.

    You can adjust the image next to the main blog title in the Motion theme by adding an image to the Appearance > Header page in your blog.

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