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noob question - How do I change the top menu in my blog?

  1. Currently I have "Home" and "About" on my blog at the top. About obviously links to a page.

    How do I change the order of these menu items? (Also on my friends blog also on, her "Home" link has dissappeared, that might be part of the theme though because the picture at the top links to her home)

    Looked through menu items and search but can't find anything though these seems like a fairly basic cms question

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot answer technical questions without a link to the blog, starting with http. We always need to see it first.

  3. Hi Jamie,

    To change the order of your page tabs, you will want to edit their order attribute. Please see this link:

    Note: Certain themes do not utilize the order setting.

    Regarding your friend's blog, some themes do not have a Home tab. I'd need a link to investigate further.

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