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    Here’s a wierd one: several of my posts have received the tag of “Nora Roberts” without me setting that as a tag, and the posts have absolutely nothing to do with Nora Roberts, whoever that is.

    On my blog, the tags show as I set them. If you look up my most recent one on looking at the Photography tag, though, you will see Nora Roberts there as one of the tags. And if you search the tag Nora Roberts, several of my posts as well as others are there.

    ? Very strange…




    Please assume that I’m paying 10 cents a minute for internet access today and point at one of these posts for me please. :)



    Good god, Dr Mike, why don’t you move to Canuckistan where we pay $35 a month for broadband?

    This sounds very similar to what happened with the Norfolk tag, so my suggestion is to wait one more day until staff is back at work and then send in a feedback. It’s a back end issue for sure. Check to see if some tag you TRIED to use on those posts doesn’t show; last time this happened the posts were tagged Norfolk by the blogger, but showed up as something completely different on the blog. “Norfolk” itself didn’t show up at all.

    In the meantime, don’t worry: Nora Roberts, romance writer, is extremely popular and it’s probably drawing hits to your site.



    That’s what I was thinking as well but don’t really have time to go digging today.

    I would love to move but that would cause too many issues. Only reason why I’m paying for my internet today is because everything else is closed due to the holiday. But I got the fees waved so it’s not an issue. :)



    Sorry, thought it would be easy to see from my blog, but probably not…

    Here’s an example: which has my post In Praise of APOD tagged with Nora Roberts.

    Also which has me as the featured blogger about Nora Roberts!

    Hope that helps. (I will also check with the support staff when they get back.)




    Here in the outback of canuckistan I’m paying $29.95 per month for unlimited broadband service and I’m locked in for 3 years at that rate. It included running miles of telephone lines over hill and dale as well as a private line dedicated only to my computer and a free modem.
    For $5.00 more per month I could have had a package that also provided 100 minutes monthly of long distance calling anywhere in North America. But that package also had a service charge of $4.95 per month and it didn’t include the free dedicated line or the free modem. And, worse still, it was an annual renewal deal that would have made me subject to increases.

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