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    I hope that someone can help me. I have recently set up a new blog site. When my posts are e-mailed out to my subscribers they arrive from a ‘noreply’ address. I have found out that some of my subscribers are clicking ‘reply’ on the e-mail and sending me a response which I never receive – they also do not receive an e-mail telling them that it did not arrive.

    Is it possible to change the address which appears as the ‘from’ address in posts when they are e-mailed out?

    The blog I need help with is newcastleschooloftheology.wordpress.com.



    Not that I’m aware of and since it seems you have turned off commenting on your entire blog, perhaps you should include a link in your posts to your site contact form.

    Just throwing out ideas here…



    I’m afraid jennifer is right; you can’t change the address at this time.


    Thank you both!

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