Normal CSS Comments cause real CSS to be deleted??!!

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    I have the following code at the top of my custom CSS. Obvious where it came from :) …
    Amazingly, having these comments causes about 100 lines of subsequent CSS to all be deleted?!!

    This looks like a bug to me.

    THEME NAME: Sandbox
    DESCRIPTION: Rich with powerful and dynamic semantic class selectors, Sandbox is a canvas for CSS artists
    VERSION: 1.6.1
    AUTHOR: <a href="">Andy Skelton</a> & <a href="">Scott Allan Wallick</a>
    TAGS: white, microformats, fixed-width, flexible-width, one-column, two-columns, three-columns, four-columns, left-sidebar, right-sidebar
    /* Customized by MrPete for my site */
    /* Three column, sidebars on each side */
    /* **********************************************
       Font Size Settings
       ********************************************** */
    /* There are several font size issues for variable size web display:
     * IE's size cascade is broken in <=IE6
     * Some versions of opera don't like 100%
     * Some versions of Safari don't like 101%
    /* Fix IE, Opera, Safari bugs */
    html,body {



    PS, I’ve tried removing various bits of this with no success. It is almost, but not quite, as if any comments at the top of the file triggers this.

    Makes it painful to upload new custom css!


    WordPress.COM will always strip out comments from the CSS. If it is stripping things other than commments, then you need to contact staff with an example of what is being stripped out.



    It’s a bug in — they hope to fix it soon.

    Anything after comments that contain “<=” in them is stripped out.

    (If I did that correctly you should see a left-angle-bracket and equal sign between the quotes)


    Thanks for posting back here on that and I’ll certainly keep it in mind. I hope they get it fixed soon. This isn’t a good thing to have happening.



    Is there a way to keep it from re-organizing my CSS? In addition to removing comments, it is rearranging my code breaking the cascade. :(


    Comments are always stripped out, and I’ve never had it rearrange my code. I’ve had it resort some declarations within ID’s or classes, but never had it rearrange the order.


    This has been updated. CSS comments are now preserved in the CSS Editor.

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