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    Hi there, I’ve gone through all the instructions and still I’m only getting thumbnail size photos. The original file size is 450 x 600 and I’ve clicked the option from thumbnail to original size when posting the photo. What am I doing wrong?! Thanks for any help



    I don’t know about the original question but my experience has been that it’s best to use thumbnails. Your page won’t take forever to load, the pictures won’t vanish quicker, and people with dial-up internet might leave your site if the page and pictures take too long to load.



    tanyatakeuchi – nosy is giving you excellent advice. I think the problem is the 600. It could be it’s size is just too large and threatens breaking the template. But I’m really chiming in to let you know that your first thumbnail is not linked.


    Hi, thanks for these comments — I’ve fixed the deleted link and have tried the photo at 300 x 225 but it still doesn’t seem to help. I realize that using larger photos will take longer to load etc. but I’d still like them to be about twice the size of the thumbnails, so if anyone has any ideas please help!
    Thank you



    On your last post about “mat mist” you have a height=”96″ in the url for the image.

    Are you using the Rich Text Editor? If you are and you are happy to, turn it off.

    You will then be able to go into the post and remove the height element. That will post your pictures at the correct size.

    I regularly have this issue and just delete any height/width elements I haven’t put in.




    Hi Cornell, I’m not sure where you’re seeing a height of 96 — this is the url for the photo as far as I can figure:
    and it says 19… I also don’t know what the rich text editor is or how to turn it off.


    ha – I just figured it out without really knowing what I’m doing…



    Glad you found it! I was in a rush and was typing without really thinking about what I was saying. I think they call it “geek mode” ;)


    Thank you so much!! It works! Yippeeeee

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