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Normal posts in both one and two columns in Inuit Types

  1. manueltnascimento

    Hi guys, I was wondering why is it that my blog shows up with its normal posts in two columns at first (right after the sticky ones) but then it goes on to one-column posts all of a sudden. I'm using the Inuit Types theme btw.

    I configured it so it would show normal posts in 2 columns, and I tried it with the featured posts in one and two columns but it happens anyway.

    If you please could help me.. Thanks,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's because WP has added "infinite scrolling" to the theme. In that case the default number of posts per page becomes 7, and apparently the extra posts that load continue in one column. See here, solution B:

  3. manueltnascimento

    Thank you very much man, it really did it. I see you've been going around about this infinite scrolling since ever, good luck and great job!

  4. You're welcome and thanks!

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