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Norwegian validator

  1. Hi

    I have several translation suggestions in Norwegian pending, and there are now 39 pages of translated strings waiting approval.
    Is there an active Norwegian Validator?

    If not, how can I apply for validation priviligies?

    Regards O. Harr

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ohaarr: thank you very much for offering your help! I have added you as a validator for Norwegian version of Good luck with translation/validation and let us know if you need any help!

  3. Thank you:-) . I've spent a few hours validating the pending translations. Will they be deployed automatically, or are there anyone who needs a notification to do a manual approval?

  4. "Approval Process

    A validator will review your suggestions, then approve, edit or reject them. You’ll see your translation on after it’s been through this approval process, and then deployed by staff (usually once there are about 200 newly updated strings for your language)."

    imho, it's stupid system. if there is a validator, so why stuff have to manually deploy these strings? stuff don't know Norwegian(in this case) so they only press button "deploy", why bot can't do that job? i want to see translations instantly, sometimes you don't know how to translate while you not saw that string in site, so if you translated wrong, stuff will deploy that string and all peoples will see that bad string until translator will translate new 200 strings... i never before translated site, maybe it's common practice, i don't know... i translate software, so if i don't know how that string will look in practice i just compile program and i can see, and here...

  5. gymkaltu: I agree it's not a perfect system, but it's a start! Not having a Norwegian speaker on staff can change. For the context, one thing that I've done is to pick a menu, e.g. Appearance, and then search GlotPress for the strings that are still in English and translate them there - this way you'll see in context which string is being translated.

  6. jenia, my first thought was the same(search specific string), but it's not solution. eg. word „post“ in lithuanian it can be „įrašas“, „išsiųsti“, „įrašyti“, „paštas“, „viešinti“, etc. and word „post“ appears not one time, ofcourse there are comments and locations(i'm translating exported file, not online), but still not always clear that i'm translating.

  7. gymkaltu: If you are working on the exported file in e.g. Poedit, you can look up the name of the file where the string is being used, and that would be a clue of where to see the screen providing the context. I am not sure I understand your example about the "post" - if the word has the same meaning, normally it would be translated the same way for consistency - so as not to confuse the user.

  8. @ohaarr: checking in with you - we were contacted by someone who has recently translated 4 pages and the translations are still in the waiting status. Could you please have a look here:

    Thank you, and please let us know if you think it would be helpful to add another validator to Norwegian :)

  9. @jenia: All approved. Thank you for the reminder. Yes, its probably a good idea to add another validator if I'm the only one.

  10. @ohaarr: great, thank you! Will look into adding another validator :)

  11. Hi!

    Stumbled upon this topic while looking for translations for the Oxygen theme.If you still need another Norwegian validator, I'm happy to help.

  12. Hi ohaarr and trrrine —

    I'm just checking in, because someone recently translated a number of strings for the Hive theme (enough to launch the Hive translation once they are approved). When you have a moment, can you please take a look at them:

    You can also find all of the waiting strings for various projects on the Norwegian language page here:

    If you have any concerns please let me know. :)

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