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Norwegian validator

  1. Hi. Is there a need for more Norwegian validators?

  2. Hello, thank you for your offer to help! It looks like we have active validators for both varieties of Norwegian at the moment. We could use some help translating, though :) So don't hesitate to start contributing your translations on

    You can read more about the process here.

  3. Hi Jenia,

    I became aware of the translation tools this weekend and have been translating as much as I could the past couple of days. I intend to continue translating, but I still see items waiting for approval from several weeks ago - which is why I asked if there was a need.

    Good to see there are active validators, though. Thanks for your reply :).

  4. speilblank: wow, you are moving super fast! :) I just checked and it appears that almost 400 strings were reviewed by the validator 2 days ago. So there appears to be a 2-3 day lag between translation and validation. Again, thanks for your help and for reaching out - go team Norway!

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