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Not able to access html editing.

  1. I am unable to access the dashboard for my blog. When I click on the "view classic dashboard" link the page gives me an error and links to the following url :http://null/wp-admin/?classic=true

    When I access a page for the blog through the my blogs section and click on the pages link under the appropriate blog the editor does not allow me to access the html code of the page and when I try to hit "enter" to space my paragraphs, the space is deleted between the words I am trying to separate into a new paragraph.

    Is WordPress rolling out upgrades currently related to this functions?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Lucura23,

    When editing your page are you clicking Pages on the left then Edit Page? Once you can make text changes you should see a text tab at the right side, eg: [Visual] [Text]

    Clicking Text will switch to the html code of the page.

    Also in the Visual editor you can use shift-enter to move to the next line in the same paragraph.

    Did I understand your question correctly?

  3. Those tabs are gone - there is no longer a "Visual" and "Text" tab.

    There is also no left column because I can't access my dashboard.

  4. Thanks for trying to help. Just checked my blog and things are back to normal - got my html editing back and the dashboard.

  5. Excellent, glad to hear it!

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