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Not able to change blog address URL

  1. Hi guys

    I'm trying to change my blog URL but it says that 'This tool is temporary disabled. Check back in a few days.'

    Does anybody know how long it's been saying that? what I mean is, will this option be available to me or has it been stopped for some reason. I really need to change this blog address by the end of the week.

    Look forward to any help you can give.

    Neil McComb

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having the same reply. I just started my first blog last weekend, need to correct the name and totally blocked from going any further. I really don't want to have to start over!

  3. Does anybody know how long it's been saying that?

    I believe that notice appeared just this weekend and that the function may be available some time this week but I don't know that for sure. None of us Volunteers know the answer to your question. This thread has been previously flagged for Staff attention so please be patient while you wait for a response from them.

  4. Found this question by accident. I was wondering how long that disable thing will be around. I need to change my blog address, but that disable has been around for like a week, already going into the second week.

  5. Hi, the feature has been disabled since Friday night and it shouldn't be disabled for too much longer. We'll keep working on things. Thanks!

  6. Thanks Andrew

    I appreciate your response


  7. Still no Change. Any ETA on this being fixed?


  8. Any word?????

  9. @Andrew, thanks for replying, but does "too much longer" mean a couple days, a week, a month or what?

  10. thanks andrew - please get this up soon please

  11. When Staff have completed their work and this feature is functional and available again they will post into this and every other thread on the same topic to say so.

  12. thanks for the updates. looking forward.

  13. Is there an estimate when this feature will reopen?

  14. No there is not. When there is one Staff will post it. I'm sorry but the function is being worked on by Staff and isn't available. You will have to wait patiently along with the others. When Staff have it functioning again they will post their announcement into all the threads on this issue.

  15. I'm somewhat confused. We can change blog URL? Must have missed an important feature announcement.

  16. @shimworld
    Good day to you,
    These are relatively new features.
    However, the username and blog transfer tools are not available at this time as Staff is working on them.

  17. Thanks @timethief

    "If you do change your blog address, permalinks to your old address, including search engine results, will be broken unless you purchase a Site Redirect upgrade." | ouch!

  18. i can't change it

  19. Of course you can't and if you read the posts above your own you will discover why that is. :)

  20. ah i understand. so i can't change it again?

  21. The tools for changing blog addresses (URL) and changing usernames is being worked on by Staff and is not currently available to users. When it is available they will announce that the work is done.

  22. Also just wanted to chime in as another lucky person hoping to change their blog URL for the upcoming launch this Tuesday... Thanks WordPress staff!! We're rooting for you!

  23. thanks for explain it to me lol i little bit confused before. thank you so much

  24. any updates?

  25. No.

  26. If I make a new blog with my desired address, could I just transfer my original blog to the new one. Would that basically work the same way as changing the address of the original without having to wait for this problem to get fixed?

  27. Still not working :(

  28. Any news on when it will be up again?

  29. I don't think they were working on it over the weekend. I'm sure they'll have it done in these two days. Fingers crossed.

  30. Okay I am joining this forum to see what responses come up. Thanks!

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