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Not able to change blog address URL

  1. once the tool is enabled are we going to be notified here? or do i check on the status somewhere else?

  2. There is no where else we can check status other than here that I am aware of.

  3. When I signed up today, the very first text field was for the blog address and there was a note that said plainly "Don't worry, you can change this later." If I had know it wasn't true, I certainly would have taken more care with the name I chose.

    It would be helpful, and good customer service, to provide an explanation and estimated fix date.

  4. i have the same problem.. i can't change my address....

  5. guys is there anyone uses blackberry here?

  6. Hi, I'm experiencing the same problem here for 2 weeks now. Does anybody have a solution for this please??? I'm stuck beecause of this.


  7. Does anybody have a solution for this please???

    If anyone is desperate they could do it the old way. Export the old blog, set up a new one, import the old blog into the new, then get the redirect upgrade for the old one or make it private if you don't want to keep permalinks.

  8. When are we going to find out any information about this issue? It's a poor show being kept in the dark for so long.....

  9. Let me post here to track the process of tool's enabling :)

  10. It has been down much longer than since October 14. I tried to use this tool as long ago as the last week of September and it was down at that time, then came back up briefly, and promptly went down again by the first week of October. Maybe it's taking so long because they're making it better and you will get to keep your links instead of having to upgrade? ;P I'm a Polly-Anna....

  11. I'm also eager for this to start working again. It's not a major deal right now but I would like to change the name. I look forward to updates on the progress.

  12. Thanks for the info, Time Thief

  13. i've received email from wordpress.. there is staff of wordpress declare that he has fixed that problem.

    but when i try to change my blog, there is no correction. i still can't change my blog.

  14. Hi,

    I have just read over all of the posts here. I can guess that this feature may be up and running by the end of this week, but I have to say that the information given is poor.

    The original message should contain an estimated date (better than 'a few days') and if this is not available, some sort of explanation should be provided as to why the service is not available.

    If staff are improving the service, why couldn't we just have the old service until the replacement was ready?

    I think if I knew what was happening, I would be much happier to wait (even if I didn't agree). Modern businesses try to be transparent, and its transparency that we need here.

  15. While it's true that we cannot use a function that has been temporarily disabled while Staff work on it and is not available to us, there is an alternative that you can use immediately. The good news is you can purchase your own domain name and domain mapping upgrade. Then it does matter what the underlying sub-domain URL is that you are mapping from to your new domain.

  16. Anyone have an update on when this function will be fixed?

  17. No.

  18. irresponsible service
    I hope this is not a marketing strategy to promote domain purchase

  19. I'm signing up as well to see when this gets corrected. Correct me if I'm wrong but I would use this feature when I want to change the URL of a WordPress blog but not to a custom domain name, correct?

  20. I am in the same boat like the rest of you!

  21. I'll just sit here with my head resting on my hand and wait....... for an

  22. Its been down for about 2 weeks now, so much for "check back in a few days"

  23. yep, still waiting...

  24. As am I! Hope it'll all get fixed soon.

  25. I am in the same boat! Annoyed that the message says it'll be fixed in a few days. Just want to change my blog's name and address - pretty please!

  26. any news?

  27. This weekend I got tired of waiting and exported all posts and comments from my blog, created a new one with the name I wanted and imported everything to that instead. That was pretty quick and easy, the only drawback was that I had to configure everything related to the blog again (theme, language, date format, etc).

  28. It is still not working. I would like it to work soon.

  29. I ended up creating a new blog, but I'm hesitant to post in it because I'd rather not invest time working on a new one if the name changing feature is re-enabled soon.

    Seriously, this "a few days" business is ridiculous. Clearly, the WordPress staff needs to get a bit better with their words. I love this service, but would it take that much effort to update us with a ballpark figure?

  30. Both the Change Username and Chang Blog Address tools are back online.

    Sorry for the wait!

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