Not able to insert image in my post

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    My username is JitendraJogeshwar I am not able to insert image in my post. When I click on Add media button nothing happens

    The blog I need help with is



    For all with issues, if you could report any JS console errors to me in this thread that would be great.

    In Chrome, right-click anywhere on the page and click “Inspect Element”, then choose the “Console” tab on the window that opens. Errors would be listed there.

    In Firefox, you can find it via the Tools->Web Developers->Web Console option. ( Screenshot: ).

    Thanks all for your assistance in troubleshooting this issue.



    My username is denverwoodmen and I am having the same issue. When I click on Add Media button it doesn’t do anything. My blog is This is an important feature for a blog.


    Yeah, the same here. I cannot insert images. The site is



    I am having the same problem as of this morning – also with adding links (to pages), also inserting tags.

    I am using Internet Explorer, I have emptied my cookies, etc., in IE, logged on and off, and rebooted. Nothing has helped.

    My blog is bloodstonescifi

    At least I’m not alone. :) Thank you in advance! Cheers.




    Timethief: What are the conditions under which we who are having the above problem (hand up here) should screen capture (if that’s what we do) the info in web console? For example, Should I just go there directly from this forum and screen capture the info and drop it in here?

    I should add that I was about to add a new post as well and found that my dashboard looked different. Also, your link drew a blank page for me. I see that this is being looked at. I’ll just be patient. You can ignore me if you are getting to the root of the problem. I’ll follow the thread.



    Howdy all,

    We just deployed a fix for this issue. Can you all try again and let me know by replying to this thread if it doesn’t work?



    Kraftbj – Thank you so much. EVEYTHING works now.

    You impress me mightily – that sure was quick. Cheers, mate. :D


    Thanks Kraftbj It works for me now!!!



    Thanks Kraftbj! I see no problems now. As for the dashboard looking different, I wonder whether that is just a result of your tweaks kicking it into a default view that I’m not familiar with. If I set it to stats, it looks fine and the entire page is utilized. It either sticks there, as it seemed to before, or it doesn’t. Either way, I’m not impaired. Later…

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