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    I have had no trouble previewing before hitting the publish button. Four days ago not able to preview. Page not found comes up. I cleared my cache as suggested by someone else here with the same problem. Still not able to preview. I really like that feature. Could someone help? It would be much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Have you tried Saving as Draft, and then Previewing?


    Thank you for replying! Yes I have tried that, when I searched for help here that was one of the suggestions so I gave it a try, the test post I did completely disappeared! I will try again today though. I shut the computer completely down early this morning so maybe something magical happened. Thanks for the suggestion. Can you think of anything else. Anyone else with this problem?



    There have been some other reports of this happening. Which browser and version of it are you using? Have you tried troubleshooting? If you need to upgrade your browser you can do that here


    Timethief thank you so much! I know I am driving you crazy, this is my third plea for help. Last time you asked me about my browser and I checked and yesterday I updated to IE9 from IE8. BUT, the problem of not being able to preview had already been going on prior to the update of IE9. I thought the update might help. You also suggested I update flash. And I will do that today. I will try your link to browser issues. I know it is something that IF I knew what the heck I was doing I could figure it out. It was working one day for a blog post and then not the next day. I will keep working on it.



    I’m sorry what I suggested did not help. I believe you will need to report this to Staff


    No, what you suggested, updating to IE9 did help with the other issue. This preview issue I am still working on :) I think before I report to staff I will load Firefox since it is more compatible with WordPress, which you also suggested. IE9 since I loaded it is acting wonky. I thank you for your help and suggestions, couldn’t do it without the help of the people here.



    I use Firefox 5 and I’m not having these issues so I hope downloading and using it will work for you. Hang in there and keep us updated. :)

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