Not able to upload pics to posts or choose thumbnail size

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    This morning I followed my normal procedure and clicked on the icon at the top of my new post to add an image. I clicked on large thumbnail but didn’t know (until reading other support questions) to click on the URL option so that people can view the image larger. After reviewing this information, I went back into the post to edit it and the icons are not there anymore. I tried using the add new photo on the left sidebar but no thumbnail or URL options show. I tried going into the library and choosing edit from there. Still, no thumbnail or URL options.

    I have a couple of other blogs and the same thing. No icons anymore when making a new post so no way of adding a pic then and there. No options for thumbnail or URL from the sidebar either.

    Hopefully, this is a programming glitch or I’m doing something wrong.

    Or…is this a permanent change?

    Thanks in advance.




    Don’t know whether it helps, but if you click ON the pic in a post then 2 small windows appear. If you click on the ‘mountain’ window, then you can edit from there!


    Thanks dickiebo but when I click on the actual image in the post I don’t get anything. I’m not sure what the ‘mountain’ window is either.


    My apologies – hadn’t applied rule no 2. One of my blogs should now be linked to my username


    @adurophotography: There has been no such change. Try logging out, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, and restart.

    As for dickiebo’s correct suggestion: in the VISUAL editor, when you click on an image two icons show up. If you click on the “mountain” icon, you get the image editor.

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