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    Hi all,

    When I upload pictures to my blog from my digital camera and choose the ‘full size option’, only half of them is visible on my blog, generally the left hand portion. You can click on them to open them out to full size, but I’d like the whole image to be visible really!

    I’ve tried changing theme, but this doesn’t do anything, so I’m stuck!

    When I’m in the editing screen you can see the full sized image, it’s just when you view the post.

    Is this becuase the image is just too big?

    Any suggestions hugely welcome!

    The blog I need help with is



    <p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>Most themes have a specific width limit (measured in pixels) for images inserted in a post or a page. The widths of current themes can be found in: Maximum displayed image width.


    Yes it’s because your images are too large. The theme you’re using is flexible, but very few people have the huge high-resolution screens required to see the whole of such an image. So you’re just wasting your storage space. You should make copies of your images, downsize them to around 800 or 900 px wide using an image editing application, and upload those copies.



    great, thanks for all your help!

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