“Not Alllowed” to import blog from Old Blogger… help!

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    I’m psyched about moving my blog to WP. But a couple days ago, I started the import process. It ran normally, but when it would get to 100%, it would simply say “starting over” and begin again at 0%.

    I let it run like this for many, many hours. If I finally stopped the process and went to the import page which lists the old Blogger blogs of mine, it would report my blog as being 28% (transferred I assume).

    I let it run several hours longer, but this number would not change. I imported a couple very short (one page) blogs to see if it would work with them, and these imported perfectly.

    I reset the import process and again made sure I was signed out of Blogger, and signed in at the import page of WP. I started the import process again and let it run for maybe 8 hours.

    I’ve done this mulitiple times now, and it only reports being 28% completed and no content from my old blogger blog appears on my WP blog.

    Finally, on about the fourth or fifth try, I let it run all night long, and when I checked back, there was a simple message in a black bordered box appearing on the page which reports import progress.

    It said something like, “You are not allowed to import.”

    I have not switched to Blogger beta, and to the best of my knowledge, I haven’t been switched by the company either.

    After all this process over a few days, I’m now left with my old Blogger blog stripped off all paragraph formatting which leaves hundreds of posts as nothing but run-on blobs of text with no break. I can’t even repair it by re-editing the posts.

    In desperation, I attempted to switch my blog over to the new beta Blogger version only to be told that I can’t do that yet either, as my blog is too large.

    Could someone please, please help me get my old blogger style blog imported to WP?

    Could someone offer a solution to “fixing” the broken paragraph formatting on my old blog?

    In other words, I need to be either one place or the other with a functioning blog.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.




    You seem to be having a serious problem…and I think you will have to wait for the wordpress support people. I have a feeling that as it is a holiday, you might have wait.
    However, I think perhaps your blog was not importable as it was too large, but you tried to do it anyway and so it got messed up.



    Thanks Nita,
    That’s one of many possibilities I’ve considered.

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